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Philipse Manor Hall "State Historic Site"

City of Yonkers

Westchester County

10701, State Historic Site, Yonkers NY, oldest standing building in Westchester County, museum of history, art and architecture, Georgian architecture, a 1750s papier mache Rococo ceiling, presidential portraits, History, Things to Do, Tours Philipse Manor Hall "State Historic Site"

Philipse Manor Hall State Historic Site is located at 29 Warburton Avenue, Yonkers NY 10701 in the Getty Square neighborhood in southern Westchester County. Philipse Manor is the oldest standing building in Westchester County.

Today, Philipse Manor Hall serves as a museum of history, art and architecture, as well as host to community organizations, meetings, educational programs and special events. Highlights of the Hall include its 18th century, high style Georgian architecture, a 1750s papier mache Rococo ceiling, and an impressive collection of presidential portraits, including the six Presidents from New York State. A Community Gallery has been created at Philipse Manor Hall to display materials which support the Manor Hall's programs and services and relate to the local community.

History of Philipse Manor Hall
"On November 28, 1776, the same year that 56 Americans signed the Declaration of Independence, well over 200 colonial New Yorkers placed their signatures on a "Declaration of Dependence." These signers were Loyalists, citizens who remained faithful to their sovereign, George III, King of Great Britain. Prominent among the signatures was that of Frederick Philipse III, Lord of the vast Manor of Philipsburg and resident of the elegant mansion known today as Philipse Manor Hall. Frederick Philipse III and his family lived in luxury, well supported by rents from the many tenant farms on his property. Times were changing, however, and while others rebelled against Great Britain, Frederick III defended the Crown. His Loyalist beliefs were so strong that General George Washington ordered him arrested in 1776. Philipse and his family later fled to British occupied New York City and then to England, where the last "Lord of the Manor", broken in spirit and health, died in 1786. His land and his mansion were confiscated by the New York State Legislature and sold at public auction.

"In 1868, after passing through the hands of many owners, the house became Yonkers Village Hall and, in 1872, the first City Hall. By the 20th century, city growth threatened the Manor Hall's future until it was acquired by New York State in 1908 with the generous help of the Cochran Family of Yonkers."

Things To Do at Philipse Manor Hall
Collection of Presidential Portraits
Educational Services
Georgian Architecture, 18th century high style
Group Tours
Guided Tours
Interpretive Signs
Rococo Ceiling, 1750's

Location: Yonkers

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