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Caramoor Center for Music and Arts


Westchester County

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Caramoor Center for Music and Arts is located at 149 Girdle Ridge Road, Katonah, NY 10536 in the beautiful Hudson River Valley. Caramoor is a magnificent estate dedicated to the Performing Arts. Throughout the year, Caramoor offers musical experiences to be enjoyed by everyone. Programs include Great Artists in the Music Room, Caramoor Classics, Programs for Families, Cabaret, Vocal Gala, Jazz, Festivals, and more.

Caramoor's House Museum has twenty rooms that are open to the public. These rooms are filled with an extraordinary collection of paintings, sculpture, tapestries, stained glass, furniture, cloisonné, and an important jade collection.

    A Bit of History
    Caramoor is the legacy of Walter and Lucie Rosen, who established the estate and built a great house as its centerpiece, filling it with treasures collected on their travels. Walter Rosen was the master planner, bringing to reality his dream of creating a place to entertain friends from around the world. Their legendary musical evenings were the seeds of today's International Music Festival that is held annually on the estate.

    The Rosen's had two children, Walter and Anne. In 1944, during the Second World War, while flying for the RAF, Walter was killed returning from a raid in Germany. His absence from the house was keenly felt and it prompted his parents to act on their previously discussed plans to preserve the artistic and musical heritage of Caramoor. In 1945, the Rosens bequeathed the Caramoor estate as a center for music and art in memory of their son.

In the summer, come early, explore Caramoor's beautiful grounds, take a tour of the House Museum, enjoy a pre-concert picnic, and discover wonderful music in a relaxed setting. With its unique heritage, Caramoor remains a place where you can experience magical summer days and nights. Year round, select from the many venues and programs.

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Things To Do at Caramoor
Family Concerts
Gardens & Grounds
Historic Site
International Music Festival
Jazz Festival
Programs for Families
Summer Music Festival

    Kids Things To Do at Caramoor
    Birthday parties for kids
    Family Concerts
    Jazz Festival
    Programs for Families
    Summer Music Festival

Location: Katonah

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